A guide to the most important banks in Switzerland

A guide to the most important banks in Switzerland

It is well known that Switzerland has become a world leader when talking about the banking business; they specialize in investing and wealth management and give service both to local and foreign customers.

Swiss banks are among the world’s leading banks, and their currency, the Swiss Franc is one of the most stable currencies in the world. if you’re interested in opening an account in Switzerland you must know that their banks have a significant role.

Here is a quick and comprehensive guide to the most important banks in Switzerland, so you can choose the one that is right for you.

Bank Coop

Bank coop is a Swiss bank with nearly 100 years of experience. Founded in 1927 it was known until 1995 with the name of Cooperative Central Bank.

Bank Coop employs approximately 450 workers in over 30 offices around the country. While it doesn’t have branches in another country other than Switzerland, it offers various services to their customers.

Within their offer, they have current and savings accounts, asset management, loan and mortgage products, online banking, pension plans as well as credit and debit cards.

Tel: (+41) 0800 88 99 66
Email: info©bankcoop.ch

Dufourstrasse 50
Basel, 4002 Switzerland

Bank J. Safra Sarasin

This is one of the biggest Swiss banks; it has branches all around the world with more than 25 offices in Asia, Europe and America.

They are able to provide you services either as private or institutional clients. Some of the services include pension products, asset management and investment advisory.

Even if their headquarters are located in the city of Basel, they have offices in some of the most important cities in Switzerland: Zurich Berne, Geneva, Lucerne and Lugarno.

Tel: (+41) 058 317 44 44
Email: switzerland©jsafrasarasin.com

Head office:
Bank J. Safra Sarasin AG
Elisabethenstrasse 62
Postfach 4002
Basel Schweiz

Bank Zweiplus

Bank Zweiplus is both an online and physical bank, they specialize in offering advisory services in two fields: Investments and pensions.

Founded in 2008, currently, the bank has their head office located in Zurich and employs around 100 people in their offices.

Head office:
Bandliweg 20
CH-8048 Zurich

Tel: +411 0800 00 77 77
Email: [email protected]

Credit Suisse Group

Is a multinational financial group, formed with was previously known as Claridon leu, that was one of the oldest and largest banks in Switzerland, with above 250 years of experience in the bank business.

Now they have merged with what was the Falcon group, and currently, they form the Credit Suisse Group.

It gives service to corporate and institutional clients. They employ an approximate of 48.000 people in their offices in 26 countries all over the world.

T: (+41) 44 212 1616
E: [email protected]

Head office:
Paradeplatz 8
CH-8001 Zurich

EFG Bank

EFG is a bank that is part of the EFG International group. A global private banking group headquartered in the city of Zurich, they operate in 30 offices around the world and have approximately 2000 employers in their different locations.

With them you are capable of doing online banking and traditional one, some of their services are current accounts in various currencies, credit cards, investment and foreign exchange services.

Tel: (+41) 44 226 1717
Email: enguiries_ch©efgbank.com

Head office:
Blicherweg 8
8022 Zurich

Habib Bank AG Zurich

This Swiss bank is headquartered in Zurich, but it has branches in various countries like Canada, South Africa and Kenya, employing more than 5.000 workers on the world.

They offer their services to commercial and private costumers, who can be able to make personal banking, business banking and wealth management.

Tel: (+41) 44 268 45
Email: [email protected]
Website: http://www.habibbank.com

Head office:
Weinbergstrasse 59
8006 Zurich

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