The banking system in Switzerland

The banking system in Switzerland

The banking system in Switzerland is managed by the Swiss Financial market Supervisory Authority. The authority runs the system in alignment with the EU practices. In 2008, there was a total of 327 registered banks in Switzerland.

However, there are eight leading banks in the country namely Julius Baer, Raiffeisen, Rothschild, Union Bancaire Privee, UBS, Valiant, Vontobel.

Julius Baer

The bank was founded in 1890 is a private bank that lists its stock on the SIX Swiss Exchange. The firm employs a workforce of over 500 including around 1200 relationship managers.

Julius Baer is headquartered in Zurich and present in more than 25 nations in 50 locations.

Tel: +41(0)58 888 1111
Fax: +41(0)58 888 1122

36 Bahnhofstrasse

Raiffeisen Bank

Based in Aadorf, the Raiffeisen Bank International AG bank is one of the leading banks in Switzerland that offers customers investment and financial products, such as fund management, hedging, leasing, cash management, trade and investments, and investment banking.

Founded in 1927, the bank as of 2015 December, the bank had 1,349 employees.

Address: Raiffeisenplatz
9001 St. Gallen

Tel: +355-4-2381 455
Fax: +355-4-2275 544

Rothschild Private Wealth

The bank a Swiss branch of the global family-controlled financial group. The bank offers mergers and acquisition, strategy and financing advice, and investment and wealth management to families, individuals, governments, and big business.

The bank has around 2800 employees with fifty branches around the world.

181 Zollikerstrasse
Zurich 834,

Tel: +41 44 384 7111

Union Bancaire Privee

The bank offers private banking services, and asset management goods and services to individuals, and corporates both locally and internationally.

Having its foundation from in 1969, the firm provides wealth management, solutions in assets, and estate planning services.

Besides the company offers multi-management and fund research, and volatility strategy services. The bank has its head office in Geneva, Switzerland.

Currently, the business employs 1,450 employees.

Head office address:
Rue du Rhone 96-98
CP 1320, Geneva,

Tel: +41588192111


The UBS bank is a result of a merger of Union Bank of Switzerland formed in 1862, and the Swiss Bank Corporation created in 1872.

The bank is a financial service company that provides retail and corporate investment, an investment bank, wealth management, asset management, and investment banking.

The bank is listed in UBSG SIX, UBS in NYSE, and UBSN. With a total of 60099 employees as of 2015, UBS bank has its headquarters in Zurich and Basel.

Besides, the bank is the largest in Switzerland regarding employees.

Its other regional banks are in Tokyo, London, the US, and Hong Kong with other five branches around Europe.

Address: Talacker 24
8001 Zurich

Tel: +41-44-234 11 11

Valiant AG

Valiant Bank AG is a public commercial financial institution that offers retail and lending services to individuals who need financial products.

The Valiant was founded in 1997, and it is based in Bern Switzerland where it operates as a subsidiary business of Valiant Holding AG.

The bank employs around 900 workers.

Bundesplatz 4,
Bern, 3001

Tel: 413132091
Fax: 41313209112

Vontobel Bank

Vontobel is a Swiss bank that specializes in asset management and investment banking with a strategy to focus on good performance to customers.

The bank has over 250 employees, is based in Zurich, and has 21 branches worldwide.

Tel: +41442712230

Address: Gotthardstrasse 43,
8022 Zürich,

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